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National Drawing Day 2020 Booklet

National Drawing Day 2020- Twitter @stlaurencecoll2

National Drawing Day 2020- Lists and Pairs

All THINGS - INKTOBER 2020- Let's get inky!

Face 2020 Art Challenge

NEW Categories

New Category Posters

Category 7- Photography of Bella Kotak

Category 8- Photography of Luke Nugent

Category 9- Photography of Lee Jeffries

Category 10- 27

Category 11- Earphones

Category 12- Glasses

Category 13- Side Profiles

Category 14- Art of Bartholomew 'Barley' Beal

New-Drawing Faces

What is Face 2020?

Drawing Faces

Face 2020 All Category Posters

Category 1- National Geographic People of the World

Category 2- Punk Not Dead

Category 3- Show Men and Show Women

Category 4- Saddhus and Yogis

Category 5 - Black and White Movies

Category 6- People in Hats

What is a portrait? (Resource from the National Gallery of Ireland?)

Karen Hickey- Get Inspired

Face 2020 Launch Flyer

Be Inspired in your art by these artists- find your own style drawing faces!

Frida Kahlo

Learn about the life of Frida Kahlo, surrealism and her self-portraits in this Ted-Talk.

Frida Kahlo Photographs

Frida Kahlo Photographs and Paintings

Frida Kahlo Biography

30 2020
School Closed
03 2020
Sixth Year Parent Teacher Meeting
07 2020
Staff Meeting
22 2020
Christmas Holidays
06 2021
Return to School 2021
A two week end of term assessment exam period begins on Monday 16th of November.
It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas! Well it is in Transition Year this week when they took part in a 'Crazy Glazing' pottery workshop.
Ms. McBride can't be with us right now but she has sent us this special message. In November we remember all our loved ones who have passed away and we continue this tradition this year with our Remembrance Tree.
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