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Together We Can Draw- Lists and Pairs

We are coming together on Saturday 16th of May to draw for each other 'at home' to celebrate National Drawing Day.
Together We Can Draw- Lists and Pairs

We are coming together on Saturday 16th of May to draw for each other 'at home' to celebrate National Drawing Day 2020.

We are pleased to launch our drawing lists and pairs for all our artist to get inspired.

But before you delve into a magical spiral of ideas and imagination a quick reminder of why we are doing this!

Why do we make art? Well if you have been watching Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4 over the last few weeks you will have been reminded that art not only helps us make sense of ourselves but also to make sense of the times we live in. And our world has suddenly changed overnight!

I read a quote somewhere about reading and it said, 'We read to know we are not alone.' And I guess we make art for the same reason.

Art helps us to connect with each so that we can share our thoughts, feelings and experiences of the world in images because words sometimes aren't enough.

So this weekend- DRAW and KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE.




Pick an idea from the artist you are paired with and draw it for them. Why not try a mash up?

And if you haven't joined up maybe you would like to surprise someone with a drawing from their list and join in with us in that way. We will share your drawing if you pop us a photo.

Take a photo of your drawing on Monday and send it to Ms. Conti ( and Mr. Doran ( for the website and school app. And then keep it safe until September when we can exchange them for 'real.'

We can't wait to share what you create for each other!

National Drawing Day 2020 Pairs

1. (Guest Artist) Laurence O’ Byrne (A Whale) paired with Kim 6A (The Last of Us Part II Logo, A Potato Doodle Crying, Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, Two People 2M Apart, A Person Running)

2. (Guest Artist and Past Pupil) Mathews Pascoal de Leon (A Surprise!) paired with (Professional Artist) Leeann Hamilton (A Village Made from the Teeth of a Very Big Creature, Pieces of Jewellery but turned into Sentient Humans, A Mage that Casts Spells by Plucking Quantum Strings, A Floating Island in the Sky, a Haven for Safety and Enlightenment, but Needs to be Traversed by Hopping onto Smaller Sky Islands to get there, A Former Queen of Mars that looks 90% Cyborg, 10% your favourite Grand-Aunt)

3. (Guest Artist) Brian O’ Driscoll (Stormtroopers Having a Sack Race, A Mech and Its’ Driver, A Gummy Old Man with Thick Glasses, A Triptych/Montage of the Napoleon Dynamite Dancing Scene, An Inuit Person Ice Fishing) paired with Jessica 4A (Ymir Standing on Top of the Jaws Titan (Attack on Titan), Bishamon (Noragami) Fighting Rin Okumura, Ymir (Aot), Junko Enoshima in a Monokuma Onesie, Aot Cast at the Beach)

4. (Professional Artist and Artist in Residence) Karen Hickey (Frida Kahlo, A Copy of a Picasso Painting, A Copy of a Van Gogh Painting, A Copy of a Modigliani Painting, A Copy of a Matisse Painting) paired with Jessica 2B (Hozier Playing Guitar, Michael Jackson Dancing, A Dragon Breathing Fire, A Cute Cat or Dog.)

5. (Professional Artist) Matt Heath (A Cartoon Style or Funny Skull, A Current Popular Celebrity Chibi Style, Somebody from Thin Lizzy, A Cute Animal Playing a Guitar, Anything to Make Me Laugh!) paired with Liam 2A (Bowser, A Creature, A Chicken with a Gun (Any Gun), A Ghost, Yoshi)

6. (Professional Artist) Ben Hennessy (Deadpool, Magik- X-Men, Daenarys Targaryen, Scarlet Spider, Robin -Damian Wayne) paired with Keelan 4A (Batman, The Flash, Red Hood, Superman, The Joker)

7. (Professional Artist) Rufus Dayglo (Your Hero Eating a Piece of Super Cheesy Pizza, Someone From Your Favourite Band as a Superhero, An Alien Pet and You on an Adventure, Your Favourite Artist Daydreaming Something Magical, You, Floating in a Spacesuit with a Donut!) paired with Adam 2B (A Dog, a Giraffe, a House, A Rat or Bread.)

8. (Professional Artist) Rufus Dayglo (Your Hero Eating a Piece of Super Cheesy Pizza, Someone From Your Favourite Band as a Superhero, An Alien Pet and You on an Adventure, Your Favourite Artist Daydreaming Something Magical, You, Floating in a Spacesuit with a Donut!) paired with Rebecca 2A (Green Day, Ditto (Pokemon), 21 Pilots, Black Widow and Captain Marvel (Avengers), My Chemical Romance.)

9. Ms. Samantha Scanlon (A Sunflower, A Bike, A Dream Catcher, Any Type of Bird, A Smiley Face Emoji) paired with (Professional Artist) Eric Crowley (A Zebra in a Sunset, Your Dream Pet, A Sandwich for a Robot, What would Elvis’ clothes look like in the future, Create your own Mascot for your Favourite Cereal)

10. Karla 1B (Shoto Todoroki (from My Hero Academia), Katsuki Bakugo (from My Hero Academia), Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Kuroo (from Haikyuu), Nishinoya (from Haikyuu)) paired with Megan 3A (A Nice Sunset Background, A Manga Style Male, A City at Night, A Bunch of Multi-Coloured Flowers-Each Unique, A Manga Style Female)

11. Cleo 1B (A Wolf, A Dragon, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) Surfing, Maleficent, A Cool Drawing of a Street in Greece) paired with Chris 1B (‘I would like someone to draw a cartoon version of me!’)

12. Lea 2A (A Snow Leopard, A Flower, A Clock, Cake, A Castle) paired with David 4B (A Car, Picturesque Scenery, A City Skyline, Something Space Related, A Movie/TV Show Character)

13. Oisin 3A (A Dog with a Bone, A Cartoon Madonna, A Kraken, The Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz, Mermaids at the Beach) paired with Jessica 2B (A Butterfly, A Rose, A Dreamcatcher, A Clam with a Pearl Inside)

14. Gabriela 6A (A View from Another Country Not Ireland, Planes, A Graduation Party, A Couple in the Park, The Moon with the Sea) paired with Caitlin 6A (A Surprise!)

15. Erin 1B (A Buttercup, a Bee, a Ghost, a Tiger, An Alien) paired with (Professional Artist) Rasher (A.K.A Mark Kavanagah) ( Teddy Bear, Lipstick, A Hammer, A Fairy, Erin's face/ half the face / Or just the eyes in a hand held mirror.)

16. Chloe 5A (A Sunset, A Beach, A Favourite Place, The Moon, Anything Colourful) paired with Ms. Angela Joyce (Dragon, Flower, Butterfly, Music, or an Elf)

17. Aoibhe 3B (‘’I would like someone to draw whatever they think is creative and colourful!’’) paired with Ms. Monica English (A Girl with Long Flowing Hair, An Underwater Seascape, A Fantastic Creature from the Sea, A Female Ancient Warrior, An African Sunset)

18. Mark 2A (Animals, Some Original Super Heroes, Sunset on the Beach, A Pier, A Nice Viewpoint Overlooking the Sea or a Nice View-Killiney Hill or Another Nice View) paired with Mr. Martin Doran (Hellboy with a Guitar, The Joker (from cartoons or comics), Dug from ‘UP’ with an ice cream, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Swamp Thing) Mark is also recieving a generous donation of a Batman print from artist John McCrea to inspire his creativity this weekend. A big thank you to John for reaching out to us.

19. Mr. Martin Doran (Hellboy with a Guitar, The Joker (from cartoons or comics), Dug from ‘UP’ with an ice cream, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Swamp Thing) paired with the now infamousPablo 2A (Baby Yoda and Babu Frik Hanging Out, A Manga Style Jimi Hendrix, A Grizzly Bear with a Bunch of Daisies, Luke Kelly with Blue Rimmed Glasses, A Viking with a Ghetto Blaster)

20. Zara 2A (A Candy Skull, A Bird(Robin), A Diamond, A Rose Design, A Dream Catcher) paired with Ms. Sarah Conti (A Fox, A Flower, A Butterfly, A Starfish, A Cupcake)

We are really happy to have some special guest and professional artists joining us for our National Drawing Day initiative. Thank you all for your time and positive energy.

(In no particular order! Meet them all here!)

Laurence O’ Byrne studied animation in Art College before finding a job in advertising. He currently works as a Creative Director in Advertising agency, ‘Boys & Girls’ in Dublin. Laurence is paired with Kim in 6A and we can’t wait to find out if the solitude of the ocean and lock down social distancing rules have anything in common.

Brian O’ Driscoll is not a rugby player. He is an artist from Dublin who missed out on studying art in school but is making up for lost time now. He works as a programmer but fits in art whenever possible. His goal is to try every medium (drawing, painting, printmaking, digital and a little sculpting so far) and every subject (still life, urban sketching, animals, portraiture, caricature (when the portraiture goes wrong) and the occasional giant chicken). Follow Brian on Instagram @bodrington or on Facebook: Sketches by Bod. Brian is paired with Jessica in 4A and we can’t wait to see if Starwars, Manga and Anime end up in a ‘brainstorm’ that changes them all forever.

Mathews Pascoal de Leon- Mathews is a past pupil of the college. Mathews’ portrait of Bro. Fred Rech was shortlisted for the Zurich Young Portrait Artist of the Year 2019. Read more about this amazing story here. Mathews is paired up with professional artist Leann Hamilton and we can’t wait to see world building and cosmic surprises in their drawings.

Karen Hickey is an Irish artist from Kildare. We were so lucky this year to have Karen working in the school as our Artist in Residence. Karen worked with a group of Second Year girls on Fridays mornings. We enjoyed ‘Frida Friday’ and we also had the opportunity to create art with a group of adults from the St. John of God community. Karen was working with a group of Fifth Year students on a design for a new school mural just before we landed in ‘lock-down.’ Follow Karen on Instagram @karen_h_art and on her website Karen is paired with Jessica in 2B and we can’t wait to enjoy their love of drawing people with unique and expressive style.

Matt Heath is an Australian professional artist joining us all the way from Sydney. The cyberspace gods helped us to make a link with Matt and we are excited to see Matt pair up with Liam in 2B and we know they will both let their fun filled imaginations run wild. Follow Matt on Instagram @mattheathart and on his website

Ben Hennessy (a.k.a Bennessy) is an Irish Artist who also allowed the cyberspace gods to lead him to our initiative. Ben is a storyboard artist and character designer for shows and games available on Cbeebies, Nickelodeon, iPad & Wii. He also co-Founded and co-Directed Pegbar, an animation social networking group that thrives today. If you haven’t read ‘Carrie and Rufus’ track it down. It’s a comic for our new near-apocalyptic times. Ben is paired up with Keelan in 4A and we can’t wait to see what these comic super-fans create. Follow Ben on Instagram @bennessy and on his website

Rufus Dayglo listened to the whisperings of the cyberspace gods all the way from St. Etienne in France. Rufus Dayglo is an artist working mainly in Comics, illustration, and storyboards. He started his career in traditional 2D animation, and story boarding, before switching over to his first love, Comic Books.

He relaunched Tank Girl with Alan Martin (and Ashley Wood), and went on to draw 6 series of the comic book, ‘The Gifting’, ‘Visions of Booga’, ‘Skidmarks’, ‘The Royal Escape’, ‘We hate Tank Girl’, and ‘Bad Wind Rising’.

He has worked extensively with 2000ad and the 2000ad Megazine, (the weekly and monthly British sci-fi comic books). He has also worked with Image Comics, IDW Comics, DC Vertigo, etc.

Currently drawing Counterfeit Girl, with Peter Milligan and Dom Regan, for 2000ad! Part one in PROG 2000! Just completed drawing Bad Company for 2000ad, with Peter Milligan, and Jim McCarthy, and LAST GANG IN TOWN with Simon Oliver for DC VERTIGO ... Out Now.

Rufus is paired with Rebecca 2A and Adam in 2B and we can’t wait to see how a shared love of punk and all things quirky come alive in their drawings. Follow Rufus on Instagram @rufus_dayglo_art and on his website at

John McCrea is a respected illustrator and comic book artist which has seen him draw for many of the major Western publishers including the big two: Marvel and DC Comics. John reached out to us through cyberspace about our initiatve and although he is busy creating art for auction for two other charities he kindly donated two Batman prints that we are going to send out to two of our lucky school artists. John has illustrated iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Spider Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Star Wars, Judge Dredd and the Simpsons amongst others. In addition, he works as an illustrator in book, record and magazine publishing and undertakes design and story boarding work for multimedia and the entertainment industry including being a Lucasfilm accredited artist. Follow John on Facebook and on his website

Leeann Hamilton and Eric Crowley both got in touch with us through Instagram and we are delighted to have them on board. Leann is an Irish comic book artist and Eric is an Irish graphic designer, illustrator and card designer. We can’t wait to see how their ‘lock-down’ art helps to lift us up over the weekend.

We are also delighted to add Bray Artist 'Rasher' (A.K.A Mark Kavanagh) into the mix. Rasher is now paired with Erin 1B and we can't wait to see how he embraces Erin's wonderful list of ideas into a creative vision for a drawing. You can follow Rasher on his Instagram @ rm_kavanagh and on his website

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