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Art-21 Portraits 21Days Assignment-January Remote Learning

Third Year Art Class

For your assignments over the next few weeks I will be asking you to take part in a drawing challenge called #21portraits21days. This challenge is being run by Karen Hickey, an artist that some of you in the class had the opportunity to work with. The challenge is to make a portrait every day for 21 days. Each portrait is inspired by a different artist. You need to make a portrait in the style of that particular artist.

I know that you do not have your school art folders with you at home so I am going to add another twist on this for you! I am going to ask you to make each portrait using whatever you have at home, and you can be as creative as you like-you could use food colouring, coffee or even soy sauce as paint on a newspaper or inside of a cereal box, you could use an eye liner on tissue or you may have your own ideas. You could also use more traditional materials if you have them at home-pencils, colouring pencils, pen etc.


I am going to do each portrait to show you as an example and I will try to limit myself to alternative materials! I am attaching a PowerPoint here. In it you will see a portrait by Modigliani, another one of portraits for reference and my version! I have also attached a short video of the restoration of another painting by Modigliani. It will give you a closer look at his style. We will be doing some written work around the artists but for now I just want you to make your version of each one...starting today with Modigliani...I am looking forward to seeing your work, any questions just ask!

Ms. Conti

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