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National Drawing Day- Together We Can Draw

Join Ms. Conti’s National Drawing Day Initiative on Saturday May 16th 2020.
National Drawing Day- Together We Can Draw

Join Ms. Conti’s National Drawing Day Initiative on Saturday May 16th 2020.

The flyer with all the details is here.

It’s simple-

Step 1: Volunteer to draw for someone else!

Step 2: Someone in return will draw for you!

Here how it’s going to work-

1.Send Ms. Conti ( an email before 2.25 on Wednesday 13th of May volunteering to produce an A4 drawing for someone else.

2.In your email write a list of 5 things that you would like someone to draw for you.

3.Ms. Conti will pair up artists and on Thursday the list will go up on the school website and app.

4.Get inspired on Friday and on Saturday (National Drawing Day) pick one idea from your partner’s list and draw it for them. They will also draw for you!

5.Email a photo of the finished drawing to Ms. Conti on Monday and all the art will be shared on the school website.

6.Keep the original art safe and when we get back to school we can exchange them for ‘real’ and put them on display.

The email will read something like this-


Dear Ms. Conti,

I’m joining National Drawing Day. I’m going to draw for someone! Please pair me up with another artist.

I would like someone to draw one of the following for me 1. Baby Yoda and Babu Frik hanging out 2. A Manga style Jimi Hendrix 3. A Grizzly Bear with a bunch of daisies 4. Luke Kelly with Blue Rimmed Glasses 5. A Viking with a Ghetto Blaster

Can’t wait to see who I’m paired with and get my list of ideas. I will check the school website on Thursday.

Yours sincerely,

Pablo Warhol 2A (Top art student in the whole school!)



Use your imagination to make your list but don’t make it too complicated either!


Let’s Draw Together!

For more about National Drawing Day check out the National Gallery of Ireland's Information page here.

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