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Can you escape? GoQuest

Transition Year students Years went to GoQuest for a fun day out.
Can you escape? GoQuest

We enjoyed a fun day out in GoQuest recently.

GoQuest was a very interesting indoor Escape Room Centre. The puzzles ranged from riddles and logical puzzles to physical ability tests. Each room had a set task. The task are assigned a certain number of points, so the harder the task is, the more points were awarded upon completion.

My group ( which we named Cloud7) consisted of Sam, Liam, Cristina and myself. We ended up doing a lot of physical tests and logical tests because the riddles didn’t offer enough points to account for the time spent on them. My group had a lot of fun while doing the various challenges!

My personal favourite was the X’s and O’s room. In that room there were a couple X’s and O’s games on the wall, opposite a three by three grid of boxes. A light would shine under a game of X’s and O’s and we would have to parody the winning combination by climbing into the boxes in the correct order.

We ended up not being able to go to all of the rooms, so I would love to go there again and beat all the rooms!

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