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Application for Enrolment

Applicant details
Details of Parents / Guardians

* Please specify the mobile number & email address you wish to receive text messages and emails from school (note it must be parent/guardian’s number or email).

Medical History
In case of emergency
Educational History
Any Other Information
  1. I consent to information being shared/forwarded to the Department of Education and Skills and where appropriate with class teachers.
  2. I consent to information being collected from my son/daughters previous school in relation to their education.
  3. I consent to screening/diagnostic tests being administered during my son/daughters time in school to identify and support their learning needs.
  4. I consent for my sons/daughters image to be used in photographs and video for internal Vs Ware identification, promotional purposes by the school and external agencies eg: Local and national press,
  5. I consent to St. Laurence College to allow my daughter supervised access to the school’s computer systems, the internet and her school email in line with the Internet and ICT Acceptable Usage Policy (HYPERLINK) and understand that access to the School’s Computer Systems are designed for educational purposes only:

The schools offers a full counselling service, if you do not wish for your child to participate in any aspect of the program please indicate below which aspects you do not wish them to receive over their time in St Laurence College:
Confirmation of application
By filling in this application we wish to confirm our intention to enrol our student listed above in St Laurence College for the School Year as indicated. We further agree to accept the Admissions Policy and the Code of Behaviour as found on our school policies page.
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