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Behaviour for Learning Resources

Behaviour for Learning Resources

Behaviour for Learning Programme Resources

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) -Click the links to explore classroom content. Teacher- Many pdf files can be converted back to a powerpoint here.


The Learning Brain

Brain Hat, Graphic Novel- Rita Llevi Montalcini-Pioneer of Neuroscience, Brain Truth or Myth Flashcards, How Does Exercise Effect the Brain, How Does the Brain Work,

Sleep- More Resources from Be Well Cognita Schools


Alert Programme (Plus) - Engine Speeds, Engine Speeds Worksheet, Engine Speeds Poster 1, Engine Speeds Poster2, The Learning Brain, Jigsaw Ireland-Sleep and Mental Health, BeWell Sleep, Let's Talk About Sleep,Be Well Cognita Sleep with Matt Walker, Teen Sleep Hub, Blurt Sensory Self-Care Toolkit,Cereal Slayer (Alberta),Sugar Shocker (Alberta), Reading Labels (Alberta), Wholegrains (Alberta),


To explore the Bend Don't Break Programme Workbook click here.

To explore the short online course for students and parent(s)/guardian(s) Mind Strength click here.

Feeling It- Smiling Mind

Feeling It Tip Sheets for Students

Self-Care- The Four Buckets

Art May Cause you To Feel Paintings, Paintings Student Snapshots

Dog Mind Vs Lion Mind

Take a Wider View (Buddha Doodles)

Lion Mind One Word Mantras

Lion Reference Art, Lion Reference Art and Inspiration from Jin Yong Art


Confidence From Head to Toe, Worksheet, Inner Mean Girl Art Activity, Inner Mean Girl Names, Thoughts on Trial, Fortune Teller Art References, Gratitude Cubes or Blocks Bridie the Builder Activity.

Get to Know Me-The Courage to Be Me

Dove Real Beauty Sketches and The Courage to Be Me Reference Art

Get to Know Me-The Courage to Be Me Writing Template

The Cultural Iceberg

The Cultural Iceberg Blank

Mood Meter Mark Brackett Mood Meter

Recommended Reading:

Read the chapter about 'Self Talk' in 5 Minute Therapy by Sarah Crosby (Instagram @themindgeek)

Read The Instant Mood Fix by Dr. Olivia Remes- Emergency remedies to beat anxiety, panic or stress.

Check and Connect

Animal Strengths Cards and Visual-Verbal Square Vocabulary Template


The Filters I Use Before Talking and Blank Template (from


Atlas of Emotions

The Wise Mind

Mark Brackett Mood Meter

Emotions: Language, Signs and Behaviour (from

Feelings Vocabulary (Pleasant Feelings and Unpleasant Feelings)

Emotions Vocabulary

I Feel Wheel (How to Respond to Art)

Core Emotions




Create a Mindful Journey(from Smiling Mind)

Learn More About A.D.H.D

Read chapters from 'Scattered Minds-The Origins and Healing of A.D.H.D' by Dr. Gabor Maté here.

Teaching and Managing Students with A.D.H.D

Teaching Strategies for Supporting Improved Executive Functioning Centre for A.D.H.D Awareness Canada

Stop and Think- A Young Person's Guide to A.D.H.D

A Young Person's Guide to Thriving with A.D.H.D

Information for Adolescents on A.D.H.D Questions/Answers from Centre for A.D.H.D Awareness Canada

A.D.H.D from

All About A.D.H.D from

A.D.H.D Focus on Success from Alberta Department of Education

Secrets of the A.D.H.D Brain from Additude Magazine

A.D.H.D Sleep Diary

A.D.H.D Sleep Hygiene Checklist

A.D.H.D Mood Diary

The Pomodoro Method


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