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Behaviour for Learning Programme

Behaviour for Learning Programme

Welcome to A4 - The Behaviour for Learning Room.

In A4 students are supported to build skills in the following areas: organisation, concentration and communication.

Students are also encouraged to be creative and get to know their thoughts and feelings

Some of the programmes delivered in A4 are: The Alert Programme, Getting it Together, People Skills and Friends for Life

Behaviour can be helpful or unhelpful and the main focus of the BFL programme is to support students to develop positive relationships that enable them to fully engage in their classroom.

For more information please click the link here to the National Council for Special Education (N.C.S.E) Behaviour for Learning Programme page.

Students who participate individual, small group and/or group work in A4 are supported in a number of the following areas:

Skills for the Classroom:

Self-Regulation: Concentration

The Learning Brain: Truine Brain

Routines: Organisation, Homework and Memory

Routines: Sleep (Sleep Architecture and Sleep Hygiene)

Routines: Breakfast, Recess and Lunch

Communications: Defence Mechanisms

Communications: Active Listening

Self-Awareness: Strengths and Challenges

Self-Awareness: Body Language

Self-Awareness: Assumptions and First Impressions

Self- Awareness: Personal Space

Self-Awareness:Voice Volume and Tone


Understanding: Feelings and Empathy

Understanding: Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Understanding: Mindfulness

Understanding: Gratitude and Happiness

Understanding: Powerful Thoughts

Understanding: Problem Solving

Understanding: Friendship and Bullying

Understanding: Powerful Feelings- Anger

Understanding: Creativity and Self-Expression

Wellbeing (Individual Student Support)

Am I Active: Physical Activity

Am I Aware: (OF) My Thoughts, Feeling, Behaviour and Values?

Am I Connected: (TO) Friends and Community?

Am I Resilient: Do I have a Toolkit of Coping Skills?

Am I Responsible: Do I Make Healthy and Helpful Choices?

Am I Respected: Do I Have Positive and Supportive Relationships?

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Reading and Comprehension Skills

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