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Autism Support Classes

Autism Support Classroom

Autism Classes Overview

St Laurence College has three autism support classrooms with a capacity for six students in each class. The special classrooms are specialized educational settings designed to meet the unique needs of autistic students. This approach promotes inclusion and development for students on the autism spectrum while fostering a sense of belonging within the broader school community. The following is an overview of what we offer in the autism support classrooms at St Laurence College.

  1. Tailored Curriculum: Depending on the student’s needs, the curriculum in the special classes is tailored to meet the individualized needs and learning styles of the students. This may involve modifying instructions, providing visual supports, and incorporating sensory-friendly strategies to ensure students can access and engage with the material effectively.
  2. Small Class Sizes: To provide personalized attention and minimize sensory overload, the AS classes have a maximum of six students in each room. This allows teachers and support staff to work closely with each student to address their specific challenges and strengths.
  3. Trained Staff: Teachers and support staff in the special classrooms are specially trained in autism education and strategies. They understand the unique communication and sensory processing challenges that autistic students may face and are equipped to provide appropriate support.
  4. Sensory-Friendly Environment/ Multiple-Sensory Rooms: The classrooms are designed to be a sensory-friendly space, with consideration for lighting, noise levels, and sensory materials. Sensory breaks and calming strategies are integrated into the daily routine to help students self-regulate and manage sensory sensitivities. There are also two modern, fully equipped, multi-sensory rooms available, which serve as a space for relaxation, stress reduction and emotional regulation.
  5. Social Skills Development: A significant focus of the special classrooms is on developing social skills. Social stories, role-playing, and other evidence-based strategies are used to help students navigate social interactions and build meaningful relationships with peers.
  6. Student Support File: Each student typically has a Student Support File (SSF) that outlines their specific goals, accommodations, and support services. Regular assessments and progress monitoring are essential components to ensure students are making meaningful progress.
  7. Inclusion Opportunities: While the special classes at St. Laurence College offer targeted support, the goal is to integrate students into mainstream classes and school activities as much as possible. This inclusion helps students develop social and academic skills while fostering a sense of belonging within the larger school community.
  8. Parental Involvement: Parents are actively involved in their child's education in the ASD classroom. Regular communication between parents and staff ensures a collaborative approach to meeting students’ needs. SSF meetings are held throughout the year to establish and review targets for each child.
  9. Emotional and Behavioural Support: The special classrooms have staff trained to address emotional and behavioural challenges that may arise. They employ strategies such as positive behaviour interventions and emotional regulation techniques.
  10. Transition Planning: The ultimate goal of the special classes at St Laurence College is to prepare students for a successful transition to life after school. Students are supported with job readiness skills, life skills and assistance with post-secondary education.

In summary, autism support classes enable students to thrive academically, develop crucial social skills, and build self-confidence while also promoting their integration into mainstream classes and activities. This approach not only enhances the educational experience for autistic students but also promotes diversity and acceptance within the broader school community, ultimately preparing all students for a more inclusive and empathetic society.


To enter our Virtual Sensory Space for Wellness explore links and resources here (WORD) and here (PDF)

Autism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support ClassroomAutism Support Classroom
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