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Sketchbook Club- Starts here.

Check out our Hibernate November Drawing Challenge here.

Check out all the details for Laurotober 2022 here.

Sketch Book Themes:

The Art of Olivia Lomenech Gill


Laurotober Day 20 'Northpole'



The Art of Herakut

Edgar Allan Poe

Glow and Glam Template 1Template 2Template 3Template 4Template 5

Frankenstein Theme

Halloween Zombies and Skeletons Theme

The Animal World Theme

Have a Very Metal Christmas Theme

Recent Art Challenges:

Marvel May Drawing Challenge- Check it here here!

I Know What You Watched Last Summer- Back to School Art Challenge

Draw a Dozen-June and July Art Challenge (Summer Holidays)

Manga May and National Drawing Day 2021

Lockdown Challenges:

21 Portraits in 21 Days

The Third Wave Art Challenge

March of the Monsters

Lockdown Links:

Winter Art 2020:

Winter Art Compare and Contrast Activity

Compare and Contrast Activity Worksheet

Reindeer Art Inspiration-Drawing Ideas

National Drawing Day 2020

National Drawing Day 2020 Booklet

National Drawing Day 2020- Twitter @stlaurencecoll2

National Drawing Day 2020- Lists and Pairs

Inktober 2020

All THINGS - INKTOBER 2020- Let's get inky!

Face 2020/21 Art Challenge

New-Drawing Faces

What is Face 2020?

Drawing Faces

Face 2020 All Category Posters

Category 1- National Geographic People of the World

Category 2- Punk Not Dead

Category 3- Show Men and Show Women

Category 4- Saddhus and Yogis

Category 5 - Black and White Movies

Category 6- People in Hats

New Category Posters

Category 7- Photography of Bella Kotak

Category 8- Photography of Luke Nugent

Category 9- Photography of Lee Jeffries

Category 10- 27

Category 11- Earphones

Category 12- Glasses

Category 13- Side Profiles

Category 14- Art of Bartholomew 'Barley' Beal

What is a portrait? (Resource from the National Gallery of Ireland?)

Karen Hickey- Get Inspired

Face 2020 Launch Flyer

Be Inspired in your art by these artists- find your own style drawing faces!

Frida Friday: Learn about the life of Frida Kahlo, surrealism and her self-portraits in this Ted-Talk.

Frida Kahlo Photographs

Frida Kahlo Photographs and Paintings

Frida Kahlo Biography

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