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To Hell and Back! The 5 Peaks Challenge Day 2

Well... really to the Hellfire Club and back to school!
To Hell and Back! The 5 Peaks Challenge Day 2

Yesterday we travelled to the Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains for Day 2 of 'The 5 Peaks Challenge' with the L.A.B Project.

Our main activity yesterday was learning more about orienteering.

We had maps of the Hellfire Club and we learned how to to orientate the map. We learned how to navigate the contours of the climb and decide on the different trail options to reach our destination. We climbed the steepest and most direct route up to the top and it was a real challenge.

Each stop on our route today proivided an opportunity for us to work as a group. When we reached the peak we explored the old hunting lodge and we told ghost stories inside. We had a tug of war competition outside and we enjoyed some team buidling games. On the descent we stopped to figure out where we were on our trail maps.

To end the day we drove up to the 'magic road.'This wonder of science and nature is a short section of road uphill but when the mini van engine was turned off the van continued up the climb on it's own.

There are lots of these roads all around Ireland. They are also known as magnetic roads or 'gravity roads.'

After mid-term we are taking on the climb up Bray Head and the The Sugar Loaf.

Watch this app for more updates on these challenges.

A big thank you to Adam, Karl and Shauna from the L.A.B Project (Crosscare) for organising the activity yesterday and enacouraging us to work as a group.

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