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Drop Everything and Read Week- Coming Up

We are delighted to announce that DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Week will take place next week - Monday, December 9th to Friday, December 13th.
Drop Everything and Read Week- Coming Up

We are delighted to announce that DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Week will take place next week - Monday, December 9th to Friday, December 13th.

All students will be given 15 minutes at a different time every day to take a book out of their bag and read it. Students can bring books, magazines or newspapers for the reading time. We always encourage our students to have a “Book in the Bag” as reading for pleasure is really important. There is a library in the school but we would also encourage students to go to the local library as they have a much wider choice of books available.

In preparation for this week, we are getting the students to complete a Reading Survey and there is also a Junior D.E.A.R Week Poster Competition which all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students are entering. The posters are going to be put up in classrooms and all around the school.

We would be very grateful if all parent(s) and guardian(s) would support this initiative by talking about the benefits of reading and encouraging your student(s) to take part enthusiastically.

Research has shown the important benefits of reading.

  • All time spent reading is practice. The more time a student spends practising reading the better they become
  • Improved literacy helps students in all subject areas
  • Improved literacy can impact positively on behaviour
  • Students who have good literacy levels are less likely to drop out of school
  • Reading is a hobby for life; benefiting a student far beyond their classroom and their school days
  • Becoming a proficient reader raises a student’s self-esteem
  • Books and stories help adolescents grow up. In stories, students learn about the world around them and have experiences beyond their own worlds. Teenage fiction deals with the real life issues facing students.

This initiative is being organised by the Junior Certificate Schools Programme in our school.

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